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Vyne Health Natural Medicine Clinic

I am currently practicing in a lovely space in Varsity Lakes called Vyne Health. Without being totally cliché it really is a tranquil, little natural health hub.

There are two practitioners, myself and Rachel Volp. Rach started Vyne a couple of years ago and is an Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. She works Tuesday to Friday in the clinic seeing patients.

I am the naturopath at Vyne and i'm in clinic Monday to Thursday with some occasional Saturday's for those who find it a challenge to get in during the week.

We work well together and the addition of having Acupuncture as a manual therapy alongside Naturopathy is an incredibly well-rounded combination.

For those that are curious and would like to take a glimpse, I figured i'd share a little look inside the Vyne Health Natural Medicine clinic, the place that I am calling home...

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