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Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Naturopathy is based on the principles of holism which aims to look at the body as a whole rather than individually reducing the body down to parts. It encompasses all parts and systems and looks at the complexity and flow of interaction between these systems. Naturopathy takes in to account how all aspects of the body can be affected by internal and external influences. With these principles at the forefront of the modality, a naturopath strives to find the cause of imbalance rather than looking simply at the symptomatic picture which may be being presented.

The treatment looks at each presentation individually. No two people are the same and so each approach to treatment should be individualised according to the complexity of factors at play for the presenting patient. Naturopathy looks at all factors that may be influencing the current symptomatic picture and considers all aspects of a patients health in its treatment.

As an intervention, naturopathy has the focus of facilitating the inherent ability of the body to be able to heal itself. Identification of the root cause of imbalance assists in a naturopath's ability to alter and enhance the bodies natural healing function via a range of treatment modalities, including Nutritional advice using Food As Medicine, Traditional Herbal Medicine, Energetic Medicine such as Flower Essence Therapy and Homeopathy, Functional Pathology Testing, Iridological Assessment, Lifestyle Suggestions and Physical Examinations such as Blood Pressure, Pulse and Tongue and Nail Assessment.

Your first consultation or initial appointment, is designed mostly as a collection session. Spending the majority of the session collecting information about all aspects of your health. This provides the naturopath with a thorough understanding of the patient beyond a simple symptom picture or diagnosis. Educational discussions, treatment negotiations and information for your follow up session will usually be discussed in this session. Prescription is not always warranted in the first session as there is always some form of research to be undertaken to make sure the best treatment plan is established for the patient.

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